Do you describe your business with “We do, we make, we provide”?

If so, you’re losing a valuable opportunity. 😖

Why? 🤔

You have to talk about what your business means, not what it does.
PHOTO by Jon Tyson Unsplash

💡Talking about what you do or make makes your audience ask themselves questions away from your real purpose -

🧐What is he/she talking about?

🧐Why is this important?

🧐What does this mean to me?

If this happens, you need to answer these questions fast brother!🚨

☝🏼If not, whatever you throw will become SPAM.

Here…take a look at these quick ideas on how presenting your company by its meaning and not by its doing👇🏼

💥 Talk about a problem first and quickly mention how you are solving it. Weather its an app, a software, a service, etc

💥 Make sure you know the topic. Do not make up facts. They will know.

💥 Be very specific. Do not wander around or you will lose them.

🔥You only have one chance, 👉🏼 remember that on every single call or meeting.

Let me know what you think👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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